Christmas 2019 Order Form


Please use this form to order your Christmas bird, please over write any existing text with your details, select type and size of your bird complete address if you require delivery; once submitted an email will be sent to you with a facility for secure payment. Any discounts will be applied at this stage. The form won’t allow multiple turkeys to be ordered if you are ordering more than one turkey please type your requirements in the comment box and I will reply.

Courier delivery will arrive on Friday 20th December and will be £15 which includes postage, packing and VAT.

Farm pick up;  we will be open on Sunday 22nd December 10 till 6, Monday 23rd December 10 till 5 and Tuesday Christmas Eve from 9 till 11 am.

Local delivery (Strathaven and surrounding area) will be charged at £5 and will be on Monday 23rd December.