Christmas is coming……

December 2016………

Turkeys christmas

Our Christmas turkeys are now ****SOLD OUT****, we do have free range farm duck, guinea fowl and Capon style chickens. Please call for details 07760750990.

Our first batch of turkeys arrived on the farm at the end of May. Our turkeys are reared outdoors using a natural process. They are a slow growing breed and spend their time wandering around the farm being fed a grain feed but free to eat grass, bugs and their favourite – nettles!

We chose a slow growing bronze variety as they thrive in a free range setting. They grow at their own pace which promotes both the texture of the meat and their superb flavour.

Our Christmas Order Sales Page is now open,  please click onto our Christmas Order tab and  fill out the form, you will then be sent an email with secure payment details.

Some info………

When ordering your turkey calculate 450g / 1lb per person which will allow for seconds & left overs. Make sure your turkey will fit in your oven up to 6.5kilo 37cm (l )x 22cm (w) x 20cm (h) / 6.5- 9 kilo 39cm (l )x 30cm(w) x 20cm (h). If you would like your order delivered there will be a £5 delivery charge.

Please give me a call on 07760750990 if you would like to discuss your requirements or to place an order or email

We regularly post pictures of the farm on our facebook page or follow us on twitter @stbridespoultry

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