Our Birds

Here’s how we do it…..

Our chics are a slow growing breed that thrive in a free range setting

 By day they roam around our small farm, being occasionally chased by our children, but always wandering around happily. At dusk they naturally find their way back to their sheds to cuddle in for the night away from Mr Fox.

We feed our birds on non gm grain feed, however as they are free to roam they much prefer to scratch and forage for bugs and grubs along with the lush grass. As a treat we get a few bags of mash from Strathaven Ales Brewery down the road, the birds love it!  The natural diet along with their ability to roam free and get some muscle tone gives the birds an old fashioned traditional chicken taste with excellent meat texture.

Turkeys christmas

Once our chickens reach 14 weeks they are ready for dispatch. It doesn’t seem that old but it is around 3 times longer than mass produced chickens. During their time on the farm they have had time to grow naturally allowing their bones and muscles to develop properly. They have wandered freely, eaten well and had a pretty pleasant time of it, our reward is their fantastic taste. Some get to hang around a bit longer like Henry!


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